Apo Whang-Od

❤️Apo Whang-Od

I am totally mesmerised by Apo, who is the cover star of Vogue Philippines’ April issue. At 106 years young, tattoo artist Apo is the oldest person ever to appear on the front cover.

I think she has the most incredible, wise, kind aura. I would love to spend a day with her and hear stories from her life- I bet she can tell a tale or three!I would also love her to share her health and beauty secrets. I am always fascinated to hear from a different age and culture to my own.

I don’t know about you but I was so busy looking at Apo’s face, it took me a while to notice her tattoos. What a girl! 💥


BEAUTY shines from within and radiates out. It is NOT ABOUT A NUMBER, It’s not about what work we can have done.

It’s about ACCEPTING how lucky we are to age and get older - it’s a PRIVILEGE not everyone has.

We are the lucky ones that get to grow older, to gain lines and creases that tell OUR UNIQUE STORY.

We must change the narrative.






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